Michel Deelen, the Netherlands Consul-General station in Lagos, has said that there is a need of Dutch enterprises through the Nigerian healthcare sector to better engage with its players.

“We want to see new alliances”, Deelen announced at a recent session to review Nigeria’s market situation.

Ngozi Azodoh, the director of the federal ministry of health’s department of research, planning, and statistics, said this “It’s time to look about methods to bridge the gap in the Nigerian health system via investments, so that medical tourism may be reduced.”

Akin Abayomi, Lagos State Commissioner for Health, relayed the information from the market study’s results and how they relate to the state. His main focuses were; infrastructure investment, brain drain, the pharmaceutical industry, public-private partnerships (PPPs), and indigenous vaccine manufacture. He continued, “We must be imaginative and design in accordance with our surroundings.”

At PharmAccess Foundations workshop, they presented the findings and main objectives of the study, trade cases recommendable for thoughtfulness by Dutch Life-Science-Health (LSH) companies, making contributions where achievable, and saying how Netherland companies can position themselves as Nigeria’s most pioneering associates in healthcare growth.

The presentation states that Nigeria is of great interest to outside investment, as foreign investors are watching the market intently.

Njide Ndili, national director of PharmAccess, praised the Netherlands Consulate in Lagos said “I have never met a more committed bunch of individuals devoted to improve healthcare in Nigeria than the Netherlands Consulate,” Ndili added.

She was adamant that there would be many factors required to change the healthcare system and why everything PharmAccess does is so important.

The Dutch Consulate created PharmAccess Foundation to study on Nigerian welfare and to pinpoint what stakeholders can do, including the Netherland peak sector Life-Science-Health (LSH).

Source: Medriva, June 2022

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