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Privacy Policy of BtoB Events FZ LLC

Owner/Data Controller: Kieran Bradley  

BtoB Events Ltd
Coventry Technology Park,
Puma Way,
United Kingdom

Owner contact email:

Types of Data Collected

This application collects different types of personal data through itself or third-party applications, this includes: Cookies, geographic data, usage data, first name, last name, gender, date of birth, phone number, address, username, email address, password, company name, country, profession, state, province, city and ZIP/Postal code.

There are dedicated sections of this privacy policy which explain the details of personal data we collect. Personal data will be freely provided by BtoB events. Usage data collects this as you use the applications. Unless specifically stated, the data requested by the application is obligatory and the application will not be able to provide full services. Where data is not mandatory users are free not to enter this data without affecting the functionality of the service. You are welcome to contact the owner if you are uncertain about what personal data is mandatory. Cookies and other tracking tools by this application or third-party services are needed to provide the full service that the application offers, additionally the cookie policy and other areas of this document state further purposes for use of this data. Users are responsible for obtained, published or shared third party personal data – they must confirm that they have the third party’s consent to provide data to the owner.

Data mode and place of processing

Methods of processing

Appropriate security measures are taken by the owner to ensure no data breaches occur, disclosures, modification or unsanctioned destruction of data.

Computers/IT enabled tools will carry out our data processing, these procedures will be strictly monitored in accordance with the purposes indicated. Data may sometimes be accessible to certain persons in charge that are involved with the operations of this service (Sales, Marketing, Legal, Administration) including external parties (Third party technical services including mail, hosting, IT companies, communications agencies) appointed. A list of these third parties can be requested at any time.

Legal basis of processing

Personal data relating to users of this application may occur if:

Users give their consent for specific purposes. If the user opt-out is triggered the data will not be processed, without having to rely on consent or any other of the following legal bases. However, whenever the processing of Personal Data is subject to European data protection law this does not apply.

If clarification is needed on specific legal basis that applies to processing and provision of personal data, it will be granted immediately.


Data is processed at our operating offices from which you can request details, data may be in other places where third parties are involved. Dependent upon the user location, data transfers may require transferring data to a country other than their own.

Legal basis of data transfers to a country outside the European Union or other international organizations must be detailed to the users.

If a transfer of this nature takes place, users can find out information surrounding this by checking areas of this document or contact the owner using the contact information provided.

Retention time

Personal Data shall be stored for as long as required for the purpose it has been collected for.

  • If data is collected in accordance with a contract, data will be retained until the contract has been achieved
  • Personal Data collected for legitimate interests will be retained for as long as needed to fulfil the appropriate. Specific information regarding interests of data is outlined in this document.

If processing of certain types of data will be for a longer period of time, the owner may be allowed to keep it with the user’s consent, and as long as consent has not been withdrawn. In order of legal obligations, personal data may be kept for the required period of time, additionally if it is requested upon legal authority.

After expiration of the retention period, data cannot be rectified or erased as personal data will be deleted.

The purposes of processing

The data collected by BtoB Events is to provide services for the purpose of: Registration and authentication, contacting the user, managing contacts and sending messages and advertising, external social networks and platforms, displaying content from external platforms, remarketing and behavioural targeting, traffic optimization and distribution, location-based interactions and analytics.

Detailed information about the purposes of processing can be found in the relevant sections of this document.

Detailed information on the personal data that is collected

Personal data will be collected for the following purposes/services:

Location-based interactions
Managing contacts and sending messages
Contacting the User
Displaying content from external platforms
Interaction with external social networks and platforms
Location-based interactions
Managing contacts and sending messages
Registration and authentication
Remarketing and behavioural targeting
Traffic optimization and distribution

The rights of Users

 Users can exercise rights within their power on the data processed by the owner, such as:

  • Withdraw of consent

Users can withdraw their consent at any time by notifying the data controller

  • Objection of processed data

Users can object to the processing of any data possessed

  • Obtaining access to their data

Users can obtain any processed data, they also have the right to know if the data is being processed

  • Verification and rectifying data

Users can verify the accuracy of the data

  • Restricting data processing

Under certain circumstances users have the right to restrict the processing of their data, the user at this point will only be allowed to store the data

  • Personal data deletion

Under certain circumstances users may request the deletion of their data

  • Receiving their data/ Transferring to another controller

 The User is part of or on pre-contractual obligations contact the data controller if you wish to query this

  • Complaints

Users have the right to bring a complaint forward to a data protection authority

Details about the right to object to processing

Users data that is processed for direct marketing purposes can be objected to at any time without providing justification. Users may object for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by the owner, users can object by providing such grounds for an objection. Users can refer to the relevant sections of this document.

Performing these rights

Contact details for performing these rights can be found at the top of the page, any requests based on the rights you have can be exercised free of charge and will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Cookie Policy

BtoB events websites all use cookies. To learn more about this please visit our cookie policy here.

Cookies involve code being installed in an operating system to aid in providing the services mentioned in the privacy policy. The user may have to give consent based on services that are required by various cookies.

  • Consent can freely be withdrawn where such applications need the installation of cookies, instructions can be found within the document.

Our Website uses cookies to save the session you’re in and utilise this data in distribution of traffic.  Browsing preferences are saved to ensure that your experience is of a higher quality. These tools are used to set up Language preferences and other factors that allow your browsing experience to be personalised towards you. The services listed below collect statistics and may not require consent from you. These are used to track browsing behaviour.

  • Third-party holder
  • Advertising
  • Analytics
  • Display content from external platforms
  • Interaction with external social networks and platforms
  • Remarketing and behavioural targeting
  • Traffic optimization and distribution

Users can find out how to manage cookies, including deleting them or customizing for each website at : Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxApple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Third party cookies can be managed by selecting the relevant opt-out agreements (if provided). Queries regarding this can be handled by contacting the relevant third party.

Additional Information

Legal action

Personal data can be used in court for legal purposes by the owner, this would be if there is improper use of this application or related services. If public authorities require data to be revealed the owner will comply with any obligations that are necessary.

Additional information about User’s Personal Data

The application may provide contextual information concerning the services mentioned, or the processing and collecting of personal data when requested.

Logging and Maintenance

Third-party services can collect files that record the interactions you have, these are used for operation and maintenance purposes.

Not in the policy

Anything that concerns processing and collection of data that is not present can be requested from contact at the top of the page.


BtoB Events have the right to make changes to the policy, however notice will be given to the users. Communication will be sent through to the users, requesting consent through a notice sent by us.

The services listed below collect statistics and may not always ask the user for consent before being used in different forms. The sites listed below may be used to track the users browsing habits.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords

You are advised to check the site regularly for any changes to how we handle your data and new third-party services that are in use.

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