Sygen Pharmaceutical Limited was launched in March 2019 and has brought out their business to Nigeria. They would like to promote the welfare of all Nigerians. The management team has a substantial background in the pharmaceutical sector internationally. They have set it as their goal to make their products accessible and of the highest quality to ensure inclusivity across the community.

Sygen Pharma recently procured Nigerian German Chemicals (NGC) so they could expand their product line, which is already spanning the categories of: antidiabetics, antipyretics, multivitamin, analgesic, antirheumatic, , antifungal, antispasmodic, and so on.

The CEO, Charles Ogunwuyi spoke at the brand launch, “Sygen Pharmaceutical was established to grant access to high-quality medicines that yield successful outcomes and improve the quality of life of patients in our community; through our innovative approach to enhancing healthcare outcomes. At Sygen, we look beyond the functionality of providing medicines and seek to drive the total well-being of communities in a way that is vital to society. There is a need in the pharmaceutical industry to shift the focus from humans as patients to people living in thriving communities. Sygen Pharmaceutical puts this in practice with the goal of promoting communal well-being and thriving communities.”

The company’s reputation has been a glowing one for access to supply and quality of product. They are planning to rapidly increase the product line specifically towards medicine, this will help with their aim to provide a better life for communities as a whole.

Source: Vanguard, December 2022

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